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  INVEST exists to see the lives of the orphans and widows transformed. Caring for the widow and orphan is biblically mandated in James 1:27 - our ministry carries out this mandate daily.

The work of INVEST started with four Malawians, one Liberian, and one American who had a vision to invest in the lives of widows and orphans in one Malawian village. Their guiding principle was to equip the village to care for their own widows and orphans and in the process build lasting relationships within the community as well as with those who support the work in the community.

INVEST is an opportunity to transform the lives of widows and orphans a continent away and do so in relationship with the staff, the board, and the entire Malawian village. We want to know you and we want you to know us and our desire to see the lives of countless widows and orphans transformed in a powerful way.

We invite you to INVEST.
Organizational Profile
What is INVEST? We are a Kansas-based, non-profit organization that works with orphans and widows in Africa. Currently, INVEST provides sustainable agricultural development and educational/vocational training to women and children in rural Malawi.
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Holistic Development
INVEST has developed a strategy to facilitate the development process in rural Malawi. The INVEST development strategy has a unique order, which has been developed by Africans for Africans.
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Volunteers in Action
Volunteers in Action   Working with the teachers at Sakhani Primary School outside Lilongwe was a rewarding experience and a highlight of my mission trip to Malawi with INVEST INC. This group of dedicated teachers and student teachers worked under challenging conditions. The buildings held the 8 classrooms that were simple rooms with wooden tables and benches for the students, bare walls, and one blackboard for instruction. One small closet-like room held all of their books and any supplies that they used. The 8 standards, or classes, had from 30 up to 100 students each, attendance being inconsistent.
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